Are you on campus during the Christmas Holidays?

We don’t need to know why – because the reasons could be many. No matter what, we just want to know if you’re there, so that we can be there for you

These are special times. It’s not only Christmas, there’s also a pandemic going on. Because of that, we want to do something special for you this year.
To do that, we want to know if you are on campus during the Christmas Holiday!

If you know that you will be staying at Evenstad, Rena, Elverum, Blæstad, Hamar or Lillehammer this Christmas, we hope you will fill out this form: 

We have set a response deadline at December 11th, to have enough time to plan for the Christmas activities/offers. However, we don’t close the form, so that people who find out that they will stay at the campus after this deadline also have the opportunity to register.

What do you need to fill out?

The only thing that is mandatory to fill in the form is which campus you belong to, and whether you live in SINN student housing. It doesn’t matter whether you live with us or not, but it is to map where there are the most people.

The other questions are not mandatory, but we hope you could write a few words about what you would like us to do for you- so we have a few pointers for what we should plan to do. Whether it’s an activity, gathering point, food crate – whatever you feel the need for.

It is also optional to leave your contact information, but we would like to be able to to inform you about the offer we will have during Christmas. If you choose not to leave any contact information, we hope you follow us on social media to get the information.

We delete all information in the form immediately after the Christmas holidays, and will not use it for anything other than this purpose.