Covid-19: Information regarding student housing

SINN Housing follow the situation closely and follow the advice and recommendations given by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We point out that we are continuously considering new measures as the situation changes.

We are available at the switchboard and e-mail Monday to Friday, at 08: 00-15:00.

Feel free to contact SINN Bolig by phone or online:

In case of suspected infection or in case of corona

Stay home and call the corona telephone to the municipality at your place of study to make an appointment for a Covid-19 test, see information in the table below. The municipalities have a contingency plan and routines for handling any cases of infection in their municipality.
FHI’s info page on symptoms

Do you have general corona questions? Call the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s corona telephone: (+47) 815 55 015

Lillehammer 909 41 700 Testinformation
Hamar / Blæstad 477 70 075 Testinformation
Elverum 915 35 009  Testinformation
Rena 488 82 762 Testinformation
Evenstad   Testinformation

Have you been diagnosed with the virus and been placed in isolation, or have you been quarantined?

We ask all tenants who are put in travel or transmission quarantine or isolation to inform SINN at [email protected], so that we get an overview of the situation.
In the event of infection in the student housing, we follow the health authorities’ advice. It is important to remember that we are not the ones who make the decisions in such a situation, but that our task is to have close contact with the head of the municipality in question and adapt to the advice and measures they decide on in each individual case.

See information from Helsenorge about different types of quarantine and isolation.

Error reporting student housing

If you are in quarantine or isolation, this must be stated if you enter an error report.

Advice for those who share common areas

When sharing a common kitchen and / or bathroom with others, it is important to follow the advice for good hand hygiene and other basic infection control measures.

Good hand hygiene with frequent washing of hands with soap is essential, especially after toilet visits, before cooking and eating. Also remember to wash your hands after you have been to the common kitchen and shared bathroom and before you leave the student housing. Keep at least one meter away from other tenants that you share common area with – and two meter from others.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the common kitchen / toilet / bathroom clean, and for cleaning surfaces after each use. Clean surfaces such as sink, toilet, door handle and kitchen counter. You can use water and rgular cleaning detergents for this.

Run programs on the dishwasher with a minimum of 65 degrees.

Social gathering, visit

A household / collective can only have up to 5 guests if one can maintain at least one meter distance and the infection control rules, read more here.

If you share a common kitchen / living room / bathroom, we ask that visits by others be limited as much as possible.

  • Keep one meter distance
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Keep the number of people you meet to a minimum

Read the University’s information page about Covid-19