Moving out

Are you moving out of your student housing? Find more information below regarding termination and moving out / washing out.
Thanks for staying with us and good luck!


There is a resignation period of 2 months from the last date in the month you hand in your written resignation notice. Example: You give SINN your resignation on March 18th – then the tenancy agreement will end on May 31st.
You can send in your resignation at either here or by E-mail.
Make sure you have paid all of your rent. You will find invoices here. You will have to pay rent for your resignation period, even if you move out earlier.

If your tenancy period is 6 months or shorter the tenancy agreement is irrevocable.

You must pay rent for the whole resignation period, even if you move out earlier.

Cleaning before moving out and check out

If you want to be present for the check-out of the cleaning, book well in advance, preferably 14 days in advance. Book a check-out on My page or contact the cleaner directly.
If you move out without check-out, the housing will be checked by the cleaner after SINN has received the key, and you must accept the cleaner’s decision and you will be charged for costs in the event of inadequate / unapproved cleaning or damades in the housing.

Remember to empty your storage and any cupboards/drawers, fridge/freezer in the shared kitchen!
Take all your belongings with you. Dispose of all garbage in the correct waste container.

The home must be cleaned by the tenant before keys are handed in:
Information about cleaning/what to clean before moving

Contact HINN regarding moving out and cleaning at Evenstad.

See how a check-out is carried out:

Handing in your key/key card and laundy card/chip

The keys to the acommondation has to be delivered to SINN at specified location by 09:00 the last week day before the rental agreement expires. Check this link to see where to deliever the key/key card and laundry card/chip.
The key cannot be handed in elsewhere – do NOT put the key in your own mailbox, in the kitchen cabinet or in the room.

If you do not hand in your key the date your tenancy agreement expires, you will be charged for loss of key. If you hand in your key later, you will be charged for the days after the tenancy agreement expired.