SINN offers psychologist services to the students at HINN

In order to get an appointment with a psychologist, it is required that you first have a conversation with one of our counsellors, who will refer you to a psychologist.


  • Free of charge
  • Book appointment in advance via our health care service
  • Confidentiality

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Psychologist Marius Aase

Opening hours: Every Tuesday and every second Friday   09.00-15.00
Visit address:  SINN health, 1th floor in Internatet, HINN Lillehammer

Hamar – Eleverum
Rena – Evenstad – Blæstad

Psychologist Marius Aase

Opening hours: Every Wednesday and every second Friday 09.00-15.00
Visit address: SINN health, Grønnegt. 70, Hamar