Counselling service

Are you feeling unhappy, struggling with relationship problems, anxiety/depression, eating disorder, sleeping disorder, poor self-esteem – or do you just need someone to share your thoughts and concerns with?

Counselling services offers

  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Courses
  • Help you get in touch with the right people to talk to


  • Free of charge
  • Book appointment in advance
  • Confidentiality

Make an appointment

If you want your appointment in english, book your counsilling with our counsellour Stine Mæhlen.
If you are an internasjonal student, and do not have an Norwegian bank ID- please send an e-mail to [email protected] and leave your mobile nr. and she will  get back  too you.

Contact counsellor


Student counsellor Kristin F. Gunstad
Phone: 916 21 478

Student counsellor Lise Haukebø
Phone: 900 75 875

Sudent counsellor Rune Grønbakken
Phone: 977 63 072

Opening hours: Monday – thursday  09.00-15.00
Visit us: Vormstuguvegen 2 (We are located at the 1st floor at Internatet, SINN, Lillehammer)

Hamar and Blæstad

Student counsellor Erna Bragadottir
Phone: 906 44 758

Student counsellor Mette Skaug
Phone: 414 04 194

Opening hours: Monday – friday 09.00-15.00
Visit us: Skolegata 1, 2315 Hamar


Student counsellor Beate Clausen
Phone: 936 29 289

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 08:30-15:00
Address: Terningen Arena (2nd floor, by the bridge)


Student counsellor Stine Mæhlen
Phone: : 906 92 847

Opening hours: Tuesday, wednesday and thursday  09.00-15.00
Visit us: Telthusvegen 12, 2450 Rena (We are located downstairs )


Studentcounsellor Stine Mæhlen
Phone: : 906 92 847

Opening hours: Every second thursday
Visit us: Campus Evenstad (We are loacted at the 2th floor opposite the cafeteria)

Project confident first-year student

Project Manager Cesilie Robertsen
Phone: 906 31 991
email: [email protected]