SINN does not offer its own dental services for students, but we hold contact with private dentists, which offers students.

We do inform that enquires about dental care cannot be directed to SINN, but has to be directed to the appropriate dentist. SINN has no reimbursements for dental care. Remember, if you are between the age of 18-20 years, you can still take advantage of the public offer of dental clinics, where you only pay 25% of current rates for dental services.

Torget tannklinikk, Lillehammer

Phone: 61 25 25 41
[email protected]
Opening hours: Monday – friday 08.00–15.30
Address: Kirkegata 55, 2609 Lillehammer
Torget tannklinikk

Odontia Lillehammer, Dentist Kristin Lillemo-Thorud

Phone: 61 25 27 63
[email protected]
Opening hours: Monday–friday 08.00–15.30
Address: Storgata 89, 2615 Lillehammer
Odontia Lillehammer

Aktiv Tannhelse, Hamar

Phone: 62 52 36 96
Address: Lille Strandgate 3, 2317 Hamar
Aktiv Tannhelse


Tannpleiebehandling, Elverum

Studenter og ansatte ved HINN gis tilbud om gratis tannpleiebehandling.
Behandlingen blir utført av tredjeårs bachelorstudenter i tannpleie på Elverum, under veiledning av autorisert tannpleier.
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