Veien kindergarten

About Veien kindergarten

We hold two departments, with children between the age 0-6 years.

We emphasize the daily contact with both children and their parents, and we focus on making the everyday life as little instituitonalized as possible. We want, as far as possible, to take into account the individuals child´s needs, habits and interests. We have both time and space to be in the present, and to give the child the feeling of being seen and appreciated. We provide a safe environment, with emphasis on enjoyment, adventure, mastery and learning in interaction with other children. We hold a stable employee group with extensive experience (50% of our employees are kindergarten teaches). Our staff work toward an open and honest dialogue between the home and the kindergarten. We take the children seriously, and take into account the individual child´s needs, while respecting the community as a whole.

Many students have little or no networks, and the kindergarten is therefore a meeting place where contact between parents in the same situation is emphasised. The kindergarten organises gatherings for children and parents both within and outside opening hours. Parents that contribute to the kindergartens council are a part of deciding what activities we should have during the year.

Our staff understands a lot about what it means to be a student with children, and can therefore provide advice and guidance. The kindergarten has plenty of space inside and a large outdoor area, which makes many activities possible, and we priorities to stay outside as much as possible all year in all types of weather. We have walking opportunities in the surrounding community area, and have regular tour/walk days for children above the age of 2. We also have access to a gymnasium every week.

We emphasis quality, safety, proximity, with the educational content arranged in keeping the children’s developmental needs essential. We also offer childcare help at parent meetings, for those of you who may not have someone else that can help you out.

Pay rate

  • Stay fee per month for a fulltime spot is NOK 3.040,-
  • Food costs per month is NOK 250,- for a fulltime spot
  • Sibling discount 30% for children number 2
  • Sibling discount 50% for children number 3
  • Sibling discount on student rate is similar to that at the regular price
  • 11-month payment

Admission criteria

  • Children of students are prioritized at the main admission.
  • Children with disabilities and children that are under a lawful decision by the child protective service Act cf. §13 Kindergarten Act.
  • Children/ family is recommended a spot after professional evaluation.
  • Siblings of children who attend Kindergarten.
  • When admitted to carry out a full assessment of the child’s situation and environment in the kindergarten.
  • In order to be considered at the main admission in each county, you must apply for a spot by February 15th.

Statutes in regard of the kindergarten

Statute applies until further notice.

§1 Purpose
The student kindergarten operates in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations, national curriculum for kindergartens and the kindergartens own statutes. The kindergarden, in cooperation with the home, work toward safeguarding the children’s need for care and play, and promote learning and education as a basis for comprehensive development.

§2 Ownership
Studentsamskipnadens kindergarten is owned and operated by Studentsamskipnaden i Innlandet (SINN).

§3 Admission procedure
The head of the kindergarten, in cooperation with the administration in each county, is responsible for the admission process. It is possible to appeal the administration’s decision.

§4 Cooperation committee composition and tasks
Student kindergarten: parent representative – 1, Employee representative – 1.

During meetings the head of administration will be a representative of the owner. The cooperation committee’s resposiblities s stated in the Kindergarten Act, “committee shall be an advisory, contact promoting and coordinating organ. The coordinating committee consists of parents/guardians and staff in the kindergarten, so that each group is equally represented.”

§5 Parents council
The parent’s council consists of all parents who have children in the kindergarten. Their mandate is defined in the Kindergarten Act: “The parents’ council shall promote their common interests and contribute to the cooperation between the kindergarten and the parent group, and contribute to a good kindergarten environment.”

§6 Admission criteria

A) to be admitted in SINN´s kindergarten it is normally required that your child is between 0 and 5 years and that at least one of the parents is a student at the College University in Innlandet. The children are hiven priority by the main appliers study seniority (number of semesters and credits). Main applicant is the parent with the longest study seniority.

The following groups may be admitted even if the child is not eligible after looking at study seniority:

B) Children with disabilities who could benefit in a kindergarten.

C) Applicants who need space du to social, medical or educational reason for the child.

D) Children of single parents or where on parent is responsible for the child during long periods.

E) Children of employees.

F) Children of non-students.

G) Children form other counties.

§7 Admission notice and period.
Kindergarten admission is coordinated with the other kindergartens. Application deadline for the main admission is 15th of February. First time students: 15th of March, and 1st of August.

The child maintains in position until it reaches school age, or parents finish their studies. Non-students, who are granted a spot for their children, must confirm the spot each year to be allocated a spot.

Children who are not grated a spot during the main admission, are put on a waiting list and will be reconsidered as spots become vacant. Applicants who are waiting for answers about studying at the College University, can resign from the kindergarten without resignation period until 31st of July.

§8 Resignation notice and period.
Both SINN and the child’s parents have the right to terminate the agreement. The notice period is normally one month, counted from the 1st of next month, until April 1st. The spot cannot be terminated until after that date. Guardians who take their children out of the Kindergarten during the notice period, or after April 1st must still pay for the spot during this period. Deadline for dismissal also applies ahead of the commencement of a new kindergarten, as well when changing kindergarten. The offer of admission will be dismissed upon payment arrears of two (2) months.

§9 Hours/ residence
The kindergartens year starts monday in week 31.
The kindergarten is closed during 5 planning days per year. It is open from 07.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday. The kindergarten is kept closed during Christmas and Easter holidays,  and  4 weeks in July (week 27, 28, 29, 30).

It is possible to apply for extended opening hours, if the parents have an internship period. By late retrieval terms “guidelines for late pickup of children”.

§10 Staffing and § 11 substitute staff scheme
The staff shall be in according with the prevailing laws and regulation. It shall be allocated funds in the kindergartens budget, equivalent to about 5% of salary budget, to temporary employment.

§12 Pay rates
Parent pay is determined by the owner. We follow the ministry’s maximum prices. The rates are fixed for one year and can be changed with a month notice. Payment is due by the 15th of the current month. The payment is incurred, even if the spot is not being used. Payment is for 11 months per year, July is free of charge. The buyer is responsible for payment of kindergarten spot, while the agreement is valid. It is possible to apply for a reduction of the maximum rate, application must be sent electronically to Elverum kommune. It is also possible to apply for exemption form payment is the child has not been able to use the kindergarten spot for continuously 1 month or more due to illness. Documentation is required in the form of e.g. medical notice.

§13 Confidentiality
All staff and cooperative councils are subject to confidentiality under the provisions of Public Administration.

§14 Area exploitation
The kindergarten will provide good opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities. SINN´s norm for play – and living space per children under the age of 3 are 5.5. sqm. and 4 sqm per children over the age of 3.

§15 Internal control
The kindergarten should follow SINN’s adopted control practices and procedure set out in the “regulations on environmental health in kindergartens and schools.”

The constitution is revised per 01/01/18