Take a study break, get some fresh air, join the walk and talk with SINN Health and the student priest

Every week from now on, you can air your head and mind, and join us in the Walk and talk group! Maybe you get to know some new students as well?

Walk and talk groups are a low-threshold offer for everyone, where you can get a little better acquainted with your place of study and hopefully make new friends. We will go for a walk around the local area. You don’t need to know anyone from before, and you do not need to be in particularly good shape. A great possibility for a little break from everyday study!

Remember distance and infection control

Time and place

Elverum: Mondays, at 11.30.
Meeting place: Outside the library at Terningen.

Rena: Tuesdays, at 12.00
Meeting place: By the stairs in the parking lot by the university.

Lillehammer: Tuesdays, at 12.00
Meeting place: At the red statue outside the entrance at the top of the university.

Hamar: Wednesday 18/11, 25/11 and 2/12, at 15.30
Meeting place: Outside the entrance by the cafeteria.

Evenstad: Thursdays, at 11.30 – 12.00
Meeting place: Outside Anne’s house

All walks end with a free cup of cocoa or coffee!

We hope you will join us for a walk ?