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All tenants must adhere to the lease agreement and the attachment to the lease agreement with rules and regulations, and prices.

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If you share a kitchen/living room and/or bathroom, it’s advisable to check with your neighbors if it’s okay to have overnight guests.

Overnight guests in residences intended for one person are permitted for up to 2 consecutive nights and not more than 10 days per semester. As the tenant, you must be present during the visit.

There are no restrictions on daytime visits, but if you share common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom), you should be considerate of your cohabitants and have visitors inside your own unit.

Click here to find info on how to paying your rent

At several of our student accommodations, we have residential contacts. They are there for you as a resident with us, aiming to contribute to well-being, community spirit, cohesion, and activities.

Learn more and find your residential contact here.


Fire safety is our top priority among the residential measures in our student accommodations.

Regular fire inspections are conducted at set times, we have fire drills in the fall after move-in, and annual checks of the fire alarm system are carried out with inspections of all smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the residences/hallways.

If you are already living in one of our accommodations, you can apply for a transfer.

This can be done on My Page under My Residence and More Options. Feel free to use the comment section for additional information or more housing choices.

There is a transfer fee of 600 NOK for internal transfers of residences.

Unfortunately, in August during the start of the academic year, it is not possible to switch residences, but feel free to submit an application.

Have you discovered any faults or deficiencies in your residence? It’s important that you log in to My Page or in the SINN Bolig app and create an error report. You can find this in the menu at the top left side of My Page.

Include a description of the issue and optionally a photo of the item/damage.

Read more here.

You can sublet your residence to another student if you are going on exchange or for practical training related to your studies. Contact us for a sublet application.

You will find a suitable student yourself and draw up a contract with them. You will still be the tenant and responsible for your lease agreement with SINN.

If you have any other questions regarding subletting, feel free to contact us.

There is free internet access in our student accommodations.

Both WiFi and wired internet access are available – you will automatically receive the password/access key via email upon moving in.

There is a picture hanging rail on the wall, and this is the only place where you can hang light objects (such as pictures). A tip is to use wire or thread for hanging.

Note: It is not allowed to use tape, staples, nails on painted plates, tiles, or panels. You cannot hang shelves, lamps, screens, or anything else on the walls.


Curtains must be hung from existing curtain rods; you cannot install anything different or roller blinds.

If you want privacy, you can apply window film to the windows. Please ensure that the window film is easily removable upon move-out.

Holes in walls/ceilings/doors must be replaced upon move-out.

Within SINN’s opening hours: If you have lost your keys, you can contact SINN Bolig for a new key during daytime between 08:00 and 15:00.

Outside of SINN’s opening hours: For assistance with being locked out in the evening, at night, or on weekends, you will need to pay a lockout fee. If you have lost your key/key card, an additional fee will apply. Refer to the price list on the last page of Annex 1. (There is no fee for lockout if it turns out that the lock or key is the issue.)

Contact SECURITAS at phone number 22 88 14 97. Provide the address of the residence and the unit.

Note: Evenstad does not have an agreement with Securitas for lockouts; please contact HINN during daytime (SINN is only responsible for renting out the unit at Evenstad on behalf of the university, the buildings and lease management are handled by the university itself).

here is a two-month notice period counted from the last day of the month in which the termination occurs. Example: If the notice is given on April 18, the lease agreement will end on June 30.

Terminate the lease on My Page or via email. Ensure that you have paid all rent fees. You can check this on My Page. You are required to pay the rent for the notice period, even if you move out earlier.


You are responsible for cleaning your own accommodation.

Shared Kitchen
To ensure a pleasant living environment in the student accommodations, all residents must contribute. Clean up after yourself in shared kitchens/bathrooms and empty the trash.

SINN will set up cleaning schedules in shared kitchens that will be monitored – ensure that the area is clean and tidy around you for a good living environment! Clean up after yourself every time you have used the kitchen. See more information posted in the kitchen. Feel free to discuss with those you share the kitchen/bathroom with how you want to maintain it.


Download the SINN Bolig app – even easier to live with SINN All in one place:

  • Manage your lease agreement
  • Easily report any faults/issues in the residence through the app.
  • Access your rent invoice.
  • Receive push notifications for important messages from us.
  • Shortcut to all the services you need as a resident with SINN.
  • Mobile key for Fr. Monsens gate and Olympiaparken.

We have various solutions for waste sorting and recycling in our buildings. You can find more information about what applies to your residence here.

How to sort? Look for the sorting label on the packaging, or check

If you have questions about waste management and collection, please send an inquiry to the caretaker via My Page.

Empty the trash regularly! Waste sorting is a good and simple environmental measure that everyone can do. It is not allowed to leave garbage outside the garbage containers or in hallways/stairwells.

Tips on how to take care of/fix your belongings.

Electricity, hot water, and heating are included in the rent.

In student housing, many people live closely together in small spaces. This can lead to more noise and sounds than you would experience in other types of housing. Therefore, it is important to consider your neighbors. At the same time, you should also be prepared for a higher noise level in student housing than in other types of homes, precisely because of the close proximity of living spaces.

Tenants are obligated to respect each other’s peace and quiet during the night and working hours. After 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12:00 a.m. on days before holidays and weekends, there should be peace in the residence and on the property in general. Any behavior that causes inconvenience to other tenants is not allowed at any time. You are also responsible for your visitors.

Here are some tips on what you can do if you experience noise:

  • Talk to your neighbor and try to find a solution together. This approach is often the best as it promotes a good living environment for everyone involved.
  • Send a complaint to us at [email protected] where you describe the incident and the parties involved.

We have caretakers associated with all our student accommodations, making it extra safe and secure to live with us.

You can report messages/errors/deficiencies to the caretaker through My Page or the SINN Bolig app.

Read more here.


Vi har vaktmestere tilknyttet alle våre studentboliger, noe som gjør det ekstra trygt og forutsigbart å bo hos oss.

Du melder inn beskjeder/feil/mangler til vaktmesteren via Min Side eller SINN Bolig appen.

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You only need one app to do your laundry at the communal laundry rooms – Appwash from Miele.

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Housing Office and our housing consultants: [email protected] or 4145 49 00

Error reports for housing: My Page

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