How to pay rent

The rent is due the 15th ech month.

You will find your invoices at My page. You will normally receive a notification when a new invoice has been posted.

To pay from your home country and transfer money from abroad, here is the information you need: 

BANK: DNB Lillehammer Innlandet, Kirkegata 72, 2609 Lillehammer, Norway
PHONE: +47 22812520
IBAN: NO0720000716937

Make sure to mark the payment with your customer number at SINN and your name so we can identify the payment.

NB! The first bank in Norway who receive this transfer, charge a fee of NOK 50,- to NOK 200,- (depends on the amount). Not all banks abroad are aware of this fee, so make sure that you add this to each transfer made from abroad.  If you wish to pay for more than one month at a time, please calculate the amount based on the length of your contract. Ask the bank to transfer the money in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and inform that you wish to pay all the fees until the money arrives to our account to avoid currency exchange fee.

You may open a bank account in a Norwegian bank. Then you can receive e-invoicing and you only need to confirm the payment. You can choose to receive e-invoices from SINN in your Norwegian online banking.

NB! Untill you have an Norwegian bank account you have to pay the rent from your bank account back in your home country.

If the invoice is not paid when due, it is transferred to our partner Visma Financial Solutions AS (+47 73 20 60 00) for reminders and payment follow-up.

Please contact Visma directly if you have received a reminder with fee or debt collection claims from them.

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